Rainy Reaume

R Last Sunday’s 12th Annual Reaume Classic Car Show and Cruise will likely be my last of the season. Sure, I’ll still be driving the Firebird but not as freely as I do during July and August.

Despite the grey skies and intermittent rain drops, many many people showed up with their super-clean cars. Here’s a shot of mine, complete with the tee-bars out, just about a half hour before the skies opened up. Having learned my lesson from last year, I got there plenty early – and was handsomely rewarded with a super cool tee shirt. Thanks guys!

As usual, the Windsor Corvette Club was out in full force. They pretty much occupied the entire front section of the parking lot in a clever ninety degree angle. R4If you’ve noticed that I tend to dwell on the ‘vettes a lot in these blogs, you’d be right. I definitely have Corvette fever!

Towards the centre and back of the lot, there was a fantastic variety of muscle cars, sports cars, cruisers, and trucks. A little bit of everything for everyone I’d say.

Due to the conditions, the cruise did not go off at 10:30 as scheduled. A wise decision if you ask me since slick roads and powerful machines make for a dangerous mix.

On the positive side though, I did have lots of foot traffic around the Firebird. Several people stopped to take one of my business cards and a couple of guys complimented me on it’s condition. That’s always nice.

For the record, again, mine was the only 4th generation ‘bird example on hand. There was, however, this really nice Trans Am WS6 to behold. R7Granted it’s not my favourite colour scheme, but who cares? These babies are so rare now that it’s a treat to see one up close no matter what.

Ok I’m off to upload some more photos to my Flickr. You can see the gallery by clicking on this link.







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