Hometown Highlights (or skittles?)

Finally had the chance to shine up the ‘bird and put it on display here at our hometown show: Amherstburg’s Gone Crazy! As I mentioned in last year’s entry, this show has grown by leaps and bounds and is now consistently featuring 500 plus cars.

WaterfrontWhile mine wasn’t the prettiest, the oldest, the newest, the fastest, or the strangest, it was nonetheless attractive to the many show-goers who stopped by to take a closer look and reminisce about the good ‘ol 90s!

I didn’t stop to take too many photos this time around as it was incredibly hot and humid. Was quite content just to share the moment with my wife and kids; dad tagged along too.

I joked in the heading about skittles and for good reason. Strikingly loud paint schemes caught my attention this year as we saw so many wonderfully bright sports cars like these here…

Ciao for now,


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