Rainy Reaume

R Last Sunday’s 12th Annual Reaume Classic Car Show and Cruise will likely be my last of the season. Sure, I’ll still be driving the Firebird but not as freely as I do during July and August.

Despite the grey skies and intermittent rain drops, many many people showed up with their super-clean cars. Here’s a shot of mine, complete with the tee-bars out, just about a half hour before the skies opened up. Having learned my lesson from last year, I got there plenty early – and was handsomely rewarded with a super cool tee shirt. Thanks guys!

As usual, the Windsor Corvette Club was out in full force. They pretty much occupied the entire front section of the parking lot in a clever ninety degree angle. R4If you’ve noticed that I tend to dwell on the ‘vettes a lot in these blogs, you’d be right. I definitely have Corvette fever!

Towards the centre and back of the lot, there was a fantastic variety of muscle cars, sports cars, cruisers, and trucks. A little bit of everything for everyone I’d say.

Due to the conditions, the cruise did not go off at 10:30 as scheduled. A wise decision if you ask me since slick roads and powerful machines make for a dangerous mix.

On the positive side though, I did have lots of foot traffic around the Firebird. Several people stopped to take one of my business cards and a couple of guys complimented me on it’s condition. That’s always nice.

For the record, again, mine was the only 4th generation ‘bird example on hand. There was, however, this really nice Trans Am WS6 to behold. R7Granted it’s not my favourite colour scheme, but who cares? These babies are so rare now that it’s a treat to see one up close no matter what.

Ok I’m off to upload some more photos to my Flickr. You can see the gallery by clicking on this link.







Hometown Highlights (or skittles?)

Finally had the chance to shine up the ‘bird and put it on display here at our hometown show: Amherstburg’s Gone Crazy! As I mentioned in last year’s entry, this show has grown by leaps and bounds and is now consistently featuring 500 plus cars.

WaterfrontWhile mine wasn’t the prettiest, the oldest, the newest, the fastest, or the strangest, it was nonetheless attractive to the many show-goers who stopped by to take a closer look and reminisce about the good ‘ol 90s!

I didn’t stop to take too many photos this time around as it was incredibly hot and humid. Was quite content just to share the moment with my wife and kids; dad tagged along too.

I joked in the heading about skittles and for good reason. Strikingly loud paint schemes caught my attention this year as we saw so many wonderfully bright sports cars like these here…

Ciao for now,


A Dedication to start

I’d like to keep this first entry of the season, yes I know it’s late, short and to the point. MDWe lost my father in law at the end of May; another good man felled by cancer. Michael loved cars – Mustangs and Cadillacs primarily. He owned a couple of each over the years.

Like my own father that you’ve read about in these journals, he very much enjoyed attending car shows and Brews and Cues cruise nights as well.

RIP Michael; we’re going to miss you dearly.


A million horsepower?

So have you ever wondered what a million horsepower looks like? I’m thinking the fine 20180929_105119folks at Rayzer Automotive already know the answer…it’s their annual (sports)car show held the last weekend in September.

Vipers, Porsches, Mustangs, Nissans, several Mazdas, a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Merkur XR4Ti, a few Camaros, a Challenger, a Sunfire, and of course a full selection of sweet ‘Vettes; you name it, it was there. Oh and did I mention there was even a Ford GT decked out in full race wrap? Check my Flickr gallery for proof!

20180929_104459_Burst01My quick estimate put that sub-total at about 999 800 horsepower, so it was a good thing my V6 Firebird added another 200 to push the grand total to the one million mark, lol!

With proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Society, the BBQ and raffle tent was hopping. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay too long with a hundred other chores to do but I will say this: the hour I spent there was definitely the highlight of my day!

And with that, my car show season is over. I’m sure I’ll still take the ‘bird out here and there (sure beats driving a minivan) but nothing too serious. Time to consider what changes/upgrades/mods can be done over the winter.





11th Annual Reaume Car Show & Cruise

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Reaume Chevrolet, LaSalle ReaumeOne

Full Disclosure…I am a loyal and longtime Reaume customer so YES this review will be biased!

Aside from my hometown Gone Crazy car show, this is the one I had been waiting for all season long.

Turns out, I wasn’t the only one. Some three hundred and fifty or so other gear-heads (most of whom got there way before I did) packed the front, side, and rear parking lots at Reaume. It was so full that I was actually relegated to ReaumeMethe gravel overflow lot!

Not that I minded, this just meant there were tons of cars to see and people to meet up with. Like my buddy Jason who pocketed the $880 50-50 draw. So happy for him!

The highlight of the day for me was having my dad join me on the cruise portion of the show. Led by a brand-new Camaro SS 1LE, we motored out of town, through River Canard, and into downtown Amherstburg before returning to the Reaume lot. It was a great chance for the two of us to kick back and talk cars; and it certainly brought back memories of me riding in his classic Mustangs during the ’80s.

Back at the show, we wolfed down a super tasty hot dog while fending off this season’s unruly hordes of bees. Also had a nice chat with the ONDR lady about their classic 1982 Glendale mini motorhome.

As for the good people of Reaume, well, I bumped into and/or saw many of them: Craig, Steve, Jenn, John Mc, Sandy, Paul, Debbie and probably a few others I’ve forgotten to mention. Great job folks!


Labour Day Parade Show

September 3, 2018

Fogolar Furlan Club

While the calendar may be suggesting the “unofficial” end of summer, Mother Nature definitely has a different viewpoint – as evidenced by the scorching heat and humidity FFleadmyself and some 145 other collector car lovers endured at today’s show.

Hosted by Chuck Fram of RaceWindsor Promotions, this event coincides with the annual Labour Day parade as a feature attraction at the Fogolar Furlan Club; otherwise known as the finish line.

It was great to see several new cars that I hadn’t yet seen this car show season. That’s one of my favourite things about this hobby – you just never know what to expect. The second-best thing about today’s show was the influx of parade walkers who (after some free hotdogs and soft drinks) strolled through the rows of cars taking in all that there was to see.

Since this was my first go-round here, I was quite disappointed though when we had to use a rickety wooden ramp to enter the show grounds (normally a soccer field); thankfully Chuck found an alternative exit so all of us with ground effects could get out easier than it was to get in.

Finally, a quick shout-out to FFendmy old Sutton Creek Golf buddy Leo who drives this awesome Buick here. I hadn’t seen his ride for a couple of years but it’s just as nice as ever; and definitely “not your father’s Buick”!




Windsor Weekend @ Grand Bend Dragway

Not exactly the silver streak!

Here I am setting up (and letting my car air out) in the pits at Grand Bend Dragway. DSC_1330Twas an early rise and shine in order to be there at 9:30 a.m. when time-trials were supposed to begin. As it turned out, things didn’t really get cooking until closer to 11. And by cooking, I also mean hot and humid; definitely not the best conditions to be racing a bone stock, V6 Firebird with 187xxx kilometres on the clock!


However when my good buddy (and best man) Dave told me he and his wife Pam were heading up for the day with his super fast, would-be-sleeper if not for the rims and tires, supercharged 2017 Ford Mustang GT, I just couldn’t resist!

As this was a bracket-racing event (I entered TROPHY class in hopes of racing only street cars), I knew for sure I would get a minimum of three runs. The first two were time trials – they help you determine what number to dial in – and the last one was an actual race. For anyone who cares to know the brutal truth, these Firebirds sure look sporty but with only 200 HP and 225 lbs-ft of torque, they’re by no means fast…

  • R1     16.123 @ 83.51 mph     lost to mid 80s Mustang GLX V8 convertible (TT)
  • R2     16.031 @ 82.47 mph     win against 07 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.8 (TT)
  • R3     16.069 @ 83.17 mph     lost to vintage Chevy Nova (Round One and done)

Now all things considered it was a really fun day but honestly, I was hoping my car could break into the high 15s. I’ve read elsewhere on the ‘net that back in the day factory-fresh  V6 Firebirds and Camaros were capable of it. A bit of wishful thinking twenty years on, I know.

At any rate, guess this just means I’ll have to soup it up a bit eh?