Labour Day Parade Show

September 3, 2018

Fogolar Furlan Club

While the calendar may be suggesting the “unofficial” end of summer, Mother Nature definitely has a different viewpoint – as evidenced by the scorching heat and humidity FFleadmyself and some 145 other collector car lovers endured at today’s show.

Hosted by Chuck Fram of RaceWindsor Promotions, this event coincides with the annual Labour Day parade as a feature attraction at the Fogolar Furlan Club; otherwise known as the finish line.

It was great to see several new cars that I hadn’t yet seen this car show season. That’s one of my favourite things about this hobby – you just never know what to expect. The second-best thing about today’s show was the influx of parade walkers who (after some free hotdogs and soft drinks) strolled through the rows of cars taking in all that there was to see.

Since this was my first go-round here, I was quite disappointed though when we had to use a rickety wooden ramp to enter the show grounds (normally a soccer field); thankfully Chuck found an alternative exit so all of us with ground effects could get out easier than it was to get in.

Finally, a quick shout-out to FFendmy old Sutton Creek Golf buddy Leo who drives this awesome Buick here. I hadn’t seen his ride for a couple of years but it’s just as nice as ever; and definitely “not your father’s Buick”!




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