A million horsepower?

So have you ever wondered what a million horsepower looks like? I’m thinking the fine 20180929_105119folks at Rayzer Automotive already know the answer…it’s their annual (sports)car show held the last weekend in September.

Vipers, Porsches, Mustangs, Nissans, several Mazdas, a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Merkur XR4Ti, a few Camaros, a Challenger, a Sunfire, and of course a full selection of sweet ‘Vettes; you name it, it was there. Oh and did I mention there was even a Ford GT decked out in full race wrap? Check my Flickr gallery for proof!

20180929_104459_Burst01My quick estimate put that sub-total at about 999 800 horsepower, so it was a good thing my V6 Firebird added another 200 to push the grand total to the one million mark, lol!

With proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Society, the BBQ and raffle tent was hopping. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay too long with a hundred other chores to do but I will say this: the hour I spent there was definitely the highlight of my day!

And with that, my car show season is over. I’m sure I’ll still take the ‘bird out here and there (sure beats driving a minivan) but nothing too serious. Time to consider what changes/upgrades/mods can be done over the winter.





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