London Trans Am Club Show

Steve Plunkett Estate

Sunday, August 12, 2018

WideShotFirebird and Trans Am enthusiasts from all over Southwestern Ontario gathered just outside of London to share their appreciation for Pontiac’s finest sports cars.

Though I never did hear the final tally, by my rough count, some 80 or 90 proud owners came out to play with all four generations of models being represented.

This was the 6th edition for this particular show and I heard from several past attendees that each year it keeps getting bigger and better. A special appearance by Sheriff Buford T. Justice (and his son) re-enactors spiced things up for fans of the Smokey and the Bandit movie franchise. Collector

The best part of the show for me, personally, was seeing all kinds of collector cars represented from rough-around-the-edges daily drivers right up to and including top-notch, high dollar restorations.

The low part of the show, of course, was the twenty minute shower we had to endure while seeing otherwise blue skies all-around us. The emcee’s claim that it was nothing more than a little helpful “dust abatement” garnered a few hearty chuckles from the faithful.

WinnersAs before, show attendees were asked to vote for their favourite Firebird or Trans Am for each of the four generations. This year’s winners were very deserving with four really great cars making it up on to the podium; or in this case, up on to the hill. Oh, and if anyone’s keeping score, I correctly identified two of the four winners with my votes!

Special thanks to Mr. Steve Plunkett for offering up his estate grounds to give this event such a fine setting. Special thanks to Mr. John Hockley, the club’s friendly president, for organizing the show. Special thanks to the scout troupe who came out to supply us WS6Verthungry car owners with some fine hotdogs, hamburgs, and even french fries.  And lastly, special thanks to all the non-owners (fans) who came out share in our Pontiac passion!


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